Protect Your Hearing

Hearing loss is a major factor in today’s society.  On a daily basis we are subjecting our ears to loud noises, toxic environment and even placing loud sounds right against our ears.  Our ears work on the process of tinny hairs vibrating in our ears.  These hairs when damaged won’t grow back.  This will cause hearing impairment.  Also, in the inner ear there is a device known as the ear drum.  This drum is what produces the vibrations in our ear which vibrates the hairs.  All together these devices as well as other small bones are what allow us to hear.

The first thing that you want to do is look for a hearing aid doctor near me that will be able to give you a complete hearing test.  Through this hearing test a set of headphones will be placed on your ears.  Small tones at different frequencies will be generated from a machine and sent to either side of the headphones.  It will be your job to indicate to the doctor which ear hears the tone.

Protection Tip #1 Don’t stick things in your ears

This might sound like a common sense tip but you will be amazed as to how often people tick the weirdest objects into their ears.  People will typically stick items into their ears in order to remove a blockage, scratch an itch or in extreme cases win a bet.  Items such as pens, pencil erasers, paper clips and other sharp object must never be put into your ear.  Doing so will cause damage that can’t be repaired.

Protection Tip #2 – Loud noises

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Avoid loud noises whenever possible.  This means going to clubs where music is blaring, having the television up high to drown out other noises and avoid sudden noises such as firecrackers, gunshots and more.  When we have loud noises near us our ears can be damaged.

Protection Tip #3 – Wear ear protection

Wearing sound proof head phones, ear plugs and other items that protect the ear drum from vibrating are great to have.  Make sure that they are made out of a soft foam material and fit comfortably in your ears.  When done using them for the day discard them.  Never reuse ear plugs more than once.

Protection tip #4 – Clean your ears with warm water

Many people use Q tips or other items that they stick into their ears that have cotton at the end of them.  Even though these items were designed to clean your ears they can do more damage than good. When sticking these things into your ears you can be pushing wax buildup deeper into the ear causing more blockage.  Using water or a cloth to gently clean the ear is best.

Protection Tip #5 – Stay healthy

One of the biggest causes of hearing loss are colds.  When we have colds we end up getting repertory infections.  These infections if not treated can spread causing hearing loss.  This can be temporary or in severe cases permanent.  If you are sick see a doctor and make sure that you get proper medications to help prevent hearing loss.